"Christin has brought a number of wonderful programs to our library. Each program has been thoughtfully created for various age groups and skill levels. She comes to each class fully prepared with an engaging, fun activity for our young patrons and she presents the information to children in of ways requiring them to us all their senses. Each class was hands on and active. During our Really Cool Recycled Art Club this summer, Christin showed her inventive and artistic self by creating amazing art out of junk! Each week the children in the club viewed a video message from people in other parts of the world explaining how they recycle. During the school year Christin presented a Culture Club to our young patron when she invited them travel all over the world through books, photos, and art. In addition she created a wonderful map to give the children a sense of their place in the world. Working with Christin is easy and a pleasure. We already have her booked for upcoming programs for children and adults. I would highly recommend Christin!!"

Miss Tara, Children’s Librarian Mendon

"This was a very fun class! The instructions were so easy to follow, especially for someone like myself, that has NO artistic ability. The paintings were beautiful! I can't wait to come back!!!"

Paula V (about a paint night)

"Had a great time with Christin. Class was a lot of fun and instructions were easy to follow. Thank you!"

Wendy L.(about a paint night)

"Fabulous class! Easy instructions and all of our paintings were unique and beautiful. I can't wait to come back!"

Nancy L.(about a paint night)

"Best bachelorette party ever!"

Emily S. (about a bachelorette paint party)

"Never a dull moment in Christin's classes. I have been to multiple classes at Christin's Gallery now, and they are always more fun and different to one another."

Marina S. (about a bachelorette paint party)

"Today was a fun and relaxed painting experience! Christin was helpful every step of the way, and very patient. She inspired us all to create our own masterpiece and individualise our paintings!"

Maggie R. (about a bachelorette paint party)

"Painting was a lot of fun, especially with a group. Christin was really nice and very helpful."

Victoria M. (about a bachelorette paint party)

"Best bachelorette party :) So Fun!"

Kimberly D (about a bachelorette paint party)

"Christin's Culture Club is exactly the kind of class I've been searching for and have never been able to find - until now! Not only is my daughter being exposed to and learning about different places and people, but I am too! Every class has been an interactive masterpiece, with art and geography and songs and fun. My 2 1/2 year old looks forward to Culture Club every week. We have and will continue to sign up for everything Christin's Gallery has to offer!"

Amy W. (about Toddler Culture Club) Franklin, MA

"A terrific way to connect with your artistic side! Such an enjoyable evening! Christin is a wonderful teacher who demonstrates strategies that everyone can use to feel a sense of accomplishment and to create a beautiful piece of art to be proud of. Will definitely be back for more classes!"

Marisa N. (about a paint night) Cumberland, Rhode Island

"Zach loved the travel song - between classes he was singing it and hopping around the house! He loved being able to participate, putting the animals and flags on the map and board and all of the different activities."

Jim H. Grafton, MA

"Christin's Gallery's 'Toddler Culture Club' was a great experience for both child and parent. My son and I had a chance to spend some quality time together doing some fun projects. The focus on art and customs from different countries was a very cool spin on the class. I would certainly recommend it to other families."

Caterina K.(about Toddler Culture Club)Grafton, MA

"Thank you so much for teaching us and guiding us through another fun painting! I had a great time and it was so much fun working on a new project. It is fun watching the canvas transform from a simple, white palate to a beautiful painting that is now hanging on my living room wall. I can't wait to sign up for another paint night!"

Renee L. (about a painting party)

"My friends and I wanted to participate in our own private paint night. From being very accomodating about the time and the painting that we could paint, Christin made booking this event a breeze. We are all 20 somethings and had a blast painting with one another. We each came out with wonderful pieces ( of course with help from Christin's patient guidance!) and had a night filled with laughter. Thank you!"

Abby S. (about a painting party)

"I came to Christin with an idea, knowing that with her vast knowledge of graphic design she would be able to make my idea into reality. I wanted to give my husband an anniversary gift, with song lyrics from our first dance. Christin used her creative genius and designed a beautiful, personalized printable with the lyrics, the date of our wedding and our names. It will be proudly displayed in our home as a special reminder of our wedding day! Thank you Christin!"

Caterine K. (about a commission)

"We want to thank you for sharing your art program with our families at the complimentary demo class you did. Our families enjoyed the opportunity to try out Kiddo-Art-Club! Thank you for supporting us. We value your partnership with the Milford Family & Community Network. We look forward to continuing to work with you to enrich our families' lives."

The MFCN (about a demo)

"Zach and I had a wonderful time during our session of baby art club. He loved the the creative and fun ways Christin gave him to explore his world through art, and I loved seeing him experience activities he had never tried before, and have fun with his friends. Not to mention the finished products!We had planned to give Zach's creations as gifts, but liked them so much that we kept all of them. We can't wait to start the next session!"

Deb H. & Zach (about Baby-Art-Club)

"Christin does a phenomenal job with the painting class. Come try something new and be amazed at the art work you will create. Christin's Gallery provides a stress free environment where painters of all abilities and experiences can transform a canvas into something simply incredible!"

Moritz S. (about a painting class)

"My son loved exploring different colors and textures through art, but also through books, songs, and his favorite - the ball pit!"

Andrea M. & Elias (about Baby-Art-Club)

"This class is a must! You can't go wrong with songs, socialization, and art for your baby. Christin creates a welcoming and stress free atmosphere for you and your baby. We created beautiful art but most of all we created memories!!!"

Tracy Q. & Caroline (about Baby-Art-Club)

"My daughter and I both loved going to Baby Art Club! Christin kept the babies busy with art projects, songs and stories. What a great opportunity to socialize with other moms and babies! My daughter loved experimenting with the various art supplies and it was eye opening for me to see how much she could do! She created many pieces, which are now proudly displayed at home."

J. Pantazelos & Thea (about Baby-Art-Club)

"Christin makes her classes a fun and stress free way to introduce your baby or toddler to art by exploring colors, textures, songs, and books. The focus is not on the quality of the finished product but the experience of trying something new."

G. Kauke and Ava (about Baby-Art-Club)

"We both had a lot of fun at baby art club! It was nice to get out and meet new moms & their little ones, and to play and sing together. Christin is fantastic at leading both bigs & littles through each new art project, providing just enough structure so that the kids could be free to be creative with the art materials."

M. Campbell and Grant (about Baby-Art-Club)

"I would highly recommend Christin's Gallery's "Baby Art Club." Christin runs class in a way that is enjoyable for both caregivers and children. While the focus is on art, there are other activities going on such as song and dance to keep babies interested and engaged. I also loved that the artwork was really geared toward process, not product. It was amazing to see what such young children are able to create. My 15 month old son and I had a wonderful experience!"

C. Kennedy and Declan (about Baby-Art-Club)

"Our date night at Christin's Gallery was the perfect opportunity to escape life and reconnect with one another."

Andrea & James M. (about a date night painting class)

"I learn something new every time I come, and build up my confidence. Everyone can master the project at their own pace and ability. It is always such a fun and relaxing night out."

Monika S. (about a class)

"A lot of fun! Finally got to try the techniques I have seen on TV for years. Got great results at the first class."

Cliff S. (about a class)

"I love my painting my husband bought as my wedding present. It has pride and place in my cottage and each time I walk past the poppies I smile remembering my very happy day. Thank you Christin!"

Adrienne H. (about a painting)

"Absolutely wonderful! I was nervous to try to do anything, and Christin was very patient and explained everything. Can't wait to paint again!"

Abby S. (about a class)

"I loved this class so much! I will come back again! Thank you so much! I now know that I CAN paint!"

Emily S. (about a class)

"I learned to paint in a stress-free environment. The instruction was supportive and educational. Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of paint!"

Lauren L. (about a class)

"We love this painting! It has it's place in our daughters bedroom and we are so happy to see it every day. Even all of our guest admire it, when they visit. It was such an incredibly amazing present, given to us! We will enjoy this painting for many years to come, and we fear that our daughter will take this painting with her, if and when she flies the nest. I think we will need a second one, when the time comes. The biggest memories one carries in the heart, but the power of a painting is food for such memories."

Elke and Daniel H. (about a portrait painting)

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first class at Christin's Gallery. It was my first time painting, so I was a bit apprehensive before starting. Christin made any and all fears and inhibitions about painting disappear. She is a wonderful teacher and talented artist. I came home with a piece of art I am proud of!"

Caterina K. (about a class)

"When we got married in September 2011, we wanted a different kind of guest book.
We asked Christin to do a painting of the church we were getting married in, leaving some white space round the edge for our guests to sign.
We gave Christin photos of the church and she researched it online - having never seen the church in the flesh, she did an excellent job of capturing it.
We really love the painting and it's proudly displayed in our hallway as a memento of our special day.
It was a good talking point on the day and we still get comments on it now."

Kate K (about a painting comission)

"So enjoyable and relaxing. A great night out!
And in the end you are amazed what you have created!"

Monika S (about a class)

"Very comprehensive instruction. A lot of fun! Great class for beginners. Thanks so much for a great class. I had so much fun and will definitely sign up again. My painting has been admired by my family. They can’t believe I painted it!"

Michelle W (about a class)

"I love it! Fun and relaxing!"

Pavanec P (about a class)

"I am not the most creative or artistic person, but this class has shown me the steps to create a beautiful artwork."

Emily W (about a class)

"I really enjoyed my introduction to oil painting. You made it easy and fun, inspiring our confidence to create something beautiful."

Lori Z (about a class)