About Christin

example splatTo cut a long story short: I love to paint!
Painting, creating and crafting of any kind were always a big part of my life.
From early age, up until now, and probably till my last day, there is no minute of the day I am not creating.
If it is not with a brush or some other tool, it is in my mind.

So it was kind of predictable that I went to art college.
After that I became a graphic designer and I have been working in the advertising and publishing business as such, since 1998.
But painting always played a big part.
It was my way of escaping the real world if you like, and create my very own.

After a while it became more than just a hobby.
I started attending art fairs, shows and competitions.
My paintings started to sell and I was asked to give lessons.

I started running experimental art classes.
After a while I felt I wanted to offer my students a more traditional method on top of my "wilder" approach. So I became a Bob Ross instructor in 2010.
Since that time I am teaching both experimental art and the wet-on-wet oil painting technique.

What I love most, is to work on my own creations. Some of which are for sale on this website. I also take painting commissions and work with great care.

If you have been reading this far: Well done! And thank you for your interest!